Post-WW2 German Christian and Liberal Conservatism workshop


Post-WW2 German Christian and Liberal Conservatism



at Ludovika, Budapest

Date: 5-6. October, 2023.

Venue: Zrínyi Lecture Hall, Ludovika tér 2., Ludovika UPS


Organised by Ferenc Hörcher (UPS Ludovika; HUN-REN Research Centre for the Humanities)

Sponsoring institutions:
Research Institute of Politics and Government, Ludovika, UPS
HUN-REN Research Centre for the Humanities





1. Day. 5th October


Csaba Olay (Eötvös Loránd University) – Tradition and politics in Gadamer and Marquard 

Balázs Arató (Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church) – The concept of tradition in the thinking of Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde

 George Joseph Vellankal (University of Szeged) – Joseph Ratzinger’s Rediscovery of Nature and Reason in Normativity


12.00-13.00 lunch


13.00-15.00 General discussion about the project


2. Day. 6th Ocotober


Charles A. Coulombe (The European Conservative) – Neues Abendland: A Search for European Unity Rooted in Catholic and Monarchist Tradition

András Jancsó (UPS Ludovika) – From Mount Sinai to the European Union: Joseph Ratzinger on the European tradition

André P. DeBattista (University of Malta) – The Idea of Europe in the work of Joseph Ratzinger


11.30-11.45 coffee



Keynote: Richard Bourke (University of Cambridge) – Ritter and the Hegelian Tradition


13.00-14.00 lunch



Tibor Görföl (University of Pécs) – A Monolithic and Unmovable Tradition? A Comparative Assessment of Josef Pieper and Robert Spaemann

Péter András Varga (HUN-REN Research Centre for the Humanities) – De-Worlding or De-Secularization? Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) and Robert Spaemann on Entweltlichung in the Tension between Secularization and Universal Mission

Ferenc Hörcher (UPS Ludovika, HUN-REN Research Centre for the Humanities) – The liberal and Christian conservative tradition in Post- WW2 German political thought


15.30-16.00 Conclusions









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